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Automotive Platform


Brum Indonesia adalah perusahaan teknologi dengan visi untuk menjadikan Otomotif Indonesia kuat dan bersinar dengan menciptakan platform otomotif satu atap.


Misi kami adalah membantu para pekerja dan UKM di sektor otomotif agar mereka dapat meningkatkan kesehjateraan.


BRUM Check Up

Do you want to know the condition and scoring of a used car? Do you need an expert to accompany you when you are buying a used car? Order your Brum Check Up now!

BRUM Servis Ringan

Never worry about long queue and expensive car service again! we will come to your location to do the car service. Order your Brum Light Service now!

BRUM Heavy Service

For heavy workloads only. Come to our car repair shop and let the experts fix your car. Order your Brum Heavy Service now!

BRUM Body Repair

Do you have any problem with your body car? we can fix it. Order your Brum Body Repair now!

BRUM Transport

We provide trucks, trailers, big bus, medium bus, and micro bus units including the driver. Empowered with Fleet Monitoring



"Fast response, Brum came to my house on time, job done! I don't need to go and queue at car repair shop on weekend. I can enjoy my family time"

Djati Darma, News Presenter

"I wasn't worried at all when I bought a used car. Brum has accompanied me from beginning and the report has helped me to take a decision "

Melly Liem, Sales Leader Professional 

"I had a car problem, the engine couldn't started. I called Brum to my office to fix my car. Turned out there was fuel pump problem. Well analyzed and it fixed!"

Junius Irtanto, Hospitality Professional 


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